Now I know you fear God

There was a time when God tested Abraham and gave him the impossible command. Read Genesis 22:1-13

Abraham did not know God was testing him. He only understood that God demands from him to go and sacrifice his son for whom he waited so many years and whom he loves.

Just imagine how your human nature will rebel and how many questions will flood your soul and mind if you had to stand in Abraham’s shoes. One moment you are at peace and happy and the next moment this unbelievable command. A very difficult command from God.

I do not know how Abraham reasoned or what went through his soul, but nowhere we read that Abraham turned anywhere to reason and tried to escape this matter. We read that he rose early the next morning, did all the preparations and went on the way God commanded him. (verse 3).

He already bound the lad to the altar and was at the point to litterally sacrifice him, when God stopped him and said something to him which startles me “….for now I know that you fear God, seeing you have not withheld your son, your only son, from me.” Genesis 22:12

Now I know you fear God! What a test!
Oh, I cannot withhold anything from my Lord. Even my good name, my innocence, my everything!


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